About Us

Conviso provides government and commercial clients with professional services that contribute to the success and achievement of our client’s unique business challenges and objectives using technology as a key enabler. To achieve our client's mission, we leverage our experience and collaborate with many of the industry's leading IT vendors. Our services include Program / Project management, Systems Integration, Application Development and Maintenance, Professional Staffing and Management Consulting services.

Conviso is a company that recognizes the importance of quality, integrity and responsiveness in the performance of all its assignments. We value every customer's mission and meet or exceed our customer expectations while managing program costs, schedule and risks. We do this by continually improving the way we use people, processes and technologies, the three pillars of our success. We remain flexible and responsive to our clients' unique needs. We adopt a pragmatic, vendor neutral approach and by working in partnership with our clients; we form strong and long-lasting relationships because we generously share knowledge, expertise and energy and we maintain a single-minded focus on producing results. Continually growing, we focus on being the best in our field by recruiting outstanding people, developing our employees' capabilities and effectively managing our collective knowledge. Above all, we will continue listening to our clients to ensure their requirements are successfully met, every time.

Our Mission

To provide professional services that optimize performance and return on investment for our clients; while fostering an environment that enables our workforce to deliver innovative service and solutions through teamwork, open communications, commitment to quality, and project ownership.

Our Vision

To be a premier professional services provider delivering results and value to our clients.

Our Values

Our core values define us. They are reflected in all our consultants, and in everything we do for our clients.

  • Value our clients. By exceeding their expectations and turning clients into references our clients recognize that we hold their mission in high-regard. Only delighted clients will invite us back.
  • Value our people. As a firm we take pride in our high aptitude people. Our team operates in a high morale environment where people enjoy enhancing their skills and experiences and sharing belief in our strengths and principles, and values.
  • Value quality. Providing outstanding work and excellent services with deliverables that exceed expectations.
  • Value Objectives. Our client’s objectives are of primary concern to our firm and by aligning ourselves with them; our own objectives and growth are met.

Our Methodology

  • Use Facts. Our approach is to drive fact-based initiatives that recognize the roles of people, process and technology in taking our clients on the performance improvement journey.
  • Leverage Experience. We have been able to assemble the experience and expertise to resolve problems for our clients.
  • Apply Fundamentals. We apply the fundamentals of organizational design, easy to use technology, our experience, and our intellect to provide insightful and innovative outcomes that strike a balance between quantitative and qualitative results. We don’t push “out of the box” or silver bullet answers.
  • Transfer and Build Knowledge. Conviso places emphasis on transferring knowledge and intellectual property to our clients so that the results are sustainable long after we are gone.
  • Be Trustworthy. Our clients are engaged in high impact, high value decision making, operate in highly competitive environments, and trust Conviso to provide advice that meets the demands of their business.